Samsung aims to get ahead in the mobile gaming sector

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Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:57 am

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When computers were first gaining popularity, only the homes of early adopters had consoles plugged into their televisions, allowing them to play the most basic games such as ‘Pong’ and ‘Space Invaders’. As technology developed, more and more people had monitors with tape players attached and then disk drives, with a wider range of games, better graphics and more features incorporated as designing and developing games became a viable business.

Throughout the technological revolution, gaming remained at the forefront of developments when it came to producing better graphics and more engaging storylines. Gamers enjoyed a wide range of options, playing on a variety of different consoles as well as desktop and laptop computers designed specifically with gamers in mind.

Technology companies were quick to spot the potential when it came to finding new ways to make gaming accessible for their customers. As mobile devices became more prevalent and smartphones were becoming more common, game developers were never far behind.

While games have become more involved, with long-running storylines involving different characters, scenarios, and goals, some of the most popular games have been those that have been around in various forms for centuries. The appeal of traditional casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and even slots has remained, with many of them taking off in the online arena as players can game on the go.

The flexibility and convenience of mobile gaming have increased the number of people playing casino games on their mobile devices. Developers have been creating games with mobile users specifically in mind, designing games with simplified controls and shorter playtimes that are suitable for those playing on their commute, on breaks from work, or in other short time periods where they can find a few minutes to enjoy their favourite games.

This flexibility has also extended to other areas of gaming, including the payment systems that gamers choose. As well as using traditional bank accounts to fund their gaming, many players want to use the latest technology to make online payments, including anonymous online accounts that allow them to maintain their privacy whichever sites they use. Players can choose from everything including pre-loaded cards and e-wallets when playing online, giving them the ultimate freedom to play in the way that suits them best. Majority of casino providers now accept PayPal as their main payment method option, a global e-wallet provider who is well known for its safety and security.

Samsung aims to get ahead in the mobile gaming sector 1
Samsung aims to get ahead in the mobile gaming sector 4

The importance of having the right device for gamers

Device manufacturers have also been swift to embrace the mobile gaming trend, finding ways to make smartphones and tablets more gaming friendly. Major players in the mobile device market, such as Samsung and Apple, are competing to provide their customers with the ultimate gaming devices that they can carry around in their pockets.

By increasing processing speed and allowing users to choose phones that are designed and built with gaming in mind, market leaders such as Samsung are investing heavily in the technology that could see them change the face of mobile gaming. Their latest mobile processor is scheduled to be released at the beginning of February and the company is already making bold claims about the impact it will have on mobile gaming.

Samsung’s Exynos 2200

With the futuristic name Exynos 2200, Samsung has used the very latest in cutting edge technology to bring out something that will look and feel completely different. The Exynos 2200 uses ray tracing to render incredibly realistic graphics, with a significant improvement in the way lighting and reflections are shown on screen.

This technology has already been used in some of the most futuristic computer graphics cards and consoles in recent years, so by bringing it to the mobile market, Samsung is hoping to pull ahead of their competitors. They are also introducing the very latest in security features with Arm9 CPU cores that also have the advantage of providing better performance.

One of the most impressive features will be the AMD RDNA 2 architecture that focuses GPU resources on the most important part of a scene by rendering shading in less important areas at a lower rate. This means exceptional quality graphics without any need to compromise as developers can identify the areas that can be highlighted.

Samsung aims to get ahead in the mobile gaming sector 2
Samsung aims to get ahead in the mobile gaming sector 5

When will this technology be available?

Although Samsung is keen to share the news of their latest technology, the date on which it will become available to mobile gamers is not yet certain. The processors are said to have gone into production, but there is still no word on whether they will be included in the next handset scheduled to be released, the Samsung Galaxy S22.

One thing is for sure though – their announcement has been welcomed by gamers who are always keen to learn about the latest developments in the technology that makes gameplay smoother and more immersive.  There has been plenty of excitement about the improved performance of the latest neural processing unit that is predicted to provide much better AI performance than those currently available.

There is a chipset that will support QHD displays, providing superior depth, contrast and colour as well as built-in 5G that could reach speeds of up to 10 Gbps. So, while this latest news is great for gaming, there are plenty of benefits that will enhance the use of other phone applications such as photography and social media.

The release of this technology could put Samsung at the forefront of the mobile gaming market, but it surely won’t be long before other manufacturers follow suit. Whoever ends up leading the field, gamers will see the benefits as the technology gets better and more accessible. 

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