Carpet washer: how to choose the best

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Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:55 am

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The carpet washer is an appliance of undoubted usefulness, especially when there are dozens of carpets in the house. The latter, if clean and well cared for, can give the environment a touch of panache, elegance or simply color. But what happens when cleaning is neglected?

Well, the carpets, little by little, lose their luster and, worst of all, turn into a den of mites and bacteria. This means not only neglecting home hygiene, but also exposing yourself to the danger of developing or exacerbating allergies.

But let’s face it: deep carpet cleaning is not easy. At least once a week you should take it, roll it up, take it to the balcony or terrace, shake it a little manually, hit it with the carpet beater, let it get some air and then bring it back inside and spread it out correctly on the ground.

Obviously, the more carpets you have at home, the more this operation would take time and cost effort. This is why many tend to procrastinate. For this and because they have not yet purchased a nice carpet cleaner …

Carpet cleaners vs traditional cleaning systems

For decades, carpets have been cleaned as described above. Appealing to all their strength, the carpets weigh a lot, the women of the house forcefully struck rugs, doormats, runners and so on and so forth. They breathed, time after time, all the dust that rose from the fabrics and the more they worked with carpet beater, the more the fibers of the carpet released dust and dirt into the air or onto their clothes.

The tragedy, so to speak, lay in the fact that no matter how hard and how long one could devote to the operation, the carpets could never come out 100% neat and clean. For this reason, with considerable expenditure of strength and money, they were periodically taken to dry cleaning.

In a nutshell, in short, it was a great effort, certainly not good for your health and then, despite everything, you spent a lot to obtain an optimal result that would last just a few days. For this we can say that traditional cleaning systems do not work and should therefore be archived.

The carpet cleaners represent the new (and the good) that advances. These objects are in fact able to guarantee high performance standards from a hygienic point of view, to considerably reduce fatigue and also to obtain, obviously, a certain saving in the long term. The amount necessary to purchase the device will in fact be amortized quite easily since it will no longer be necessary to resort to continuous washing. The more carpets you have at home, the faster this process will be.

Vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner?

Some might argue that the carpet beater is now an obsolete object and that a good vacuum cleaner can go where this rudimentary cleaning tool would not. True, indeed, very true. The problem is that a vacuum cleaner can’t get to where a carpet cleaner does. As we will see shortly, there are examples of this machine that closely resemble vacuum cleaners, however their effectiveness is decidedly superior.

This is because the carpet cleaners, in any variant and in any version, clean the fabrics using water or detergents or a combination of these two elements. In short, by opting for the machine in question, your carpet will be washed, rinsed, rewashed, dried and then thoroughly cleaned. In short: there is really no comparison!

Carpet washer: selection guide

But what are the characteristics that distinguish a good quality carpet cleaner from a poor product? What makes effective carpet cleaning? What should you pay particular attention to when purchasing one of these appliances? In the next paragraphs we will answer all these questions: you have the task of sifting through the carpet cleaners you will come across.

The types of carpet cleaners

Let’s start with something that undoubtedly has its own importance: the type of your future carpet cleaner. There are 3 variants of this product on the market: the dry model, the water one and the steam version. In the first case you will buy an object that is very reminiscent of a normal vacuum cleaner.

Unlike the latter, however, your device could offer you particularly high power levels. The so-called cordless carpet cleaners are usually equipped with brushes that once again refer to the appendices used in the case of the vacuum cleaner. Again, however, we must tell you that carpet cleaners in any case offer better performance than any other household appliance. Of the three versions proposed here, the dry one is the fastest and least effective.

The wet carpet cleaner has a very compact design and can be transported manually or on wheels. Generally this appliance uses hot water, brushes and specific solvents. Many argue that it is more useful and efficient than the steam variant. Many others, on the other hand, are convinced of the opposite. This is because the steam device is more specific in the first place.

Secondly, because the nebulized water, as many know, has a very high sanitizing power. Among other things, by using a steam carpet cleaner, you will not need to use chemical detergents, or at least, to opt for particularly aggressive products.

Our tip? Well, in ideal conditions we would tell you to opt for a steam or water carpet cleaner: it will cost a little more but it will be worth it. However, if your house is damp or badly exposed, we suggest you opt for the first solution, that is, an appliance capable of working dry. In this way, in fact, you will be sure not to have to deal with mold and moisture residues sooner or later.

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