The Best Android Games You Must Try

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Last updated on May 15th, 2023 at 01:40 am

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Strategy games will always be real and challenging, at the same time, which is why it often serves a realm with refined simplicity at its core. Strategy is one of the oldest varieties of games in history. Whether it’s chess, board games, or even some card games, we played strategy games long before the existence of a computer.

Strategy games for PC can be time-consuming and expensive. The best strategy games for mobile will be easier to play as they let you outsmart an opponent on your morning commute or succeed on your lunch break. But if you also crave the scale, mobile has the great versatility that it can offer to you. And as technology improves, the limits of what a strategy can achieve when combined with mobile devices as a platform are truly limitless.

Best Games You Should Play

Strategy games have come a long way, although the basic premise of using your brain to defeat your opponents remains valid up to this day. It’s a great way to challenge yourself to see how creative you can be. Below are some of the best android strategy games you should play and try. 

Iron Marines

Together with the Company of Heroes, Iron Marines from Ironhide Studios represents the best real-time strategy game for mobile devices. Plus, it’s a Madeformobile title. While this is often a recommendation in reverse, it is not here. You can play Iron Marines in short bursts, but it still has enough depth to keep strategy fans busy. Iron Marines is a kind of cartoon StarCraft and features a bevy of cool battles and well-designed missions. While the launch of Company of Heroes places this title second to last on mobile RTS, second place in the huge stack of Android games is quite impressive, as is this excellent strategy title.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI, sometimes referred to as Civ, is not a shortened version of the famous turn-based strategy game for PC. It is a popular turn-based strategy game for PC that is included in your Android device. This game involves building a limitless empire, from humble beginnings to unmerciful battles and a space race to the stars. If you’ve never played Civ before, this is a deep game.

It’s reasonably accessible but designed to go on for hours as you figure out how to keep your citizens happy, research technology, and give your enemies a hard kick. There is also the sensitive issue that it is extremely demanding in terms of hardware. However, if you have a compatible device, the nimble fingers to wield its complex user interface, and the smarts to take over the world, you won’t find a better strategy title on the phone.

Plague Inc.

On the other hand, Plague Inc is a really interesting game whose style is very reminiscent of board games. It is an excellent option for people looking for simulation games. The main objective is to spread a virus around the world to decimate the entire population before finding a cure. Recently, this has changed a bit with the addition of a new mode. In this new mode, you must act as a medic and try to stop the virus from destroying the world! There are several factors to consider with both modes. These include symptoms, how the virus is transmitted, how it survives in different climates, and more.

Kairosoft Games

Kairosoft is a Google Play developer with many underrated strategy games. Some of the games are Grand Prix Story 2, Pocket Harvest, Cafeteria Nipponica, Ninja Village, Game Dev Story, and many others that you will surely enjoy. 

Many games combine elements of strategy and simulation. However, they are all pretty good games that cover various topics. Games are now free, and others are premium. It depends on the title. In any case, Kairosoft has a lot of good games, and a lot of them are strategy games.


Next, we recommend that you give Pandemic a try. This game is the complete opposite of Plague Inc. and its original mode. As you can imagine, in this game your task is to prevent infectious diseases from spreading throughout the world. 

To do this, you will have to move around the field to collect the necessary resources to heal them. A really interesting aspect of this option of the best Android strategy games is that it was originally a board game, and this is its mobile version!


We couldn’t make a list of the best strategy games for Android without including one of the best card games out there. If that’s what you’re looking for, Hearthstone is your best option. Made by Blizzard, you can count on the quality of one of the best free multiplayer games out there. 

This game is completely free to play, but there are some microtransactions in the form of card packs. While you can get them for free in the game, it takes much longer. Also, there are a couple of expansion packs that you have to pay for. But you don’t need them to enjoy this game. As you would expect from a game like this, you can play against your friends here or random opponents from around the world.


The Townsmen is a game that started on the PC. This platform is where this game was widely known. Now it continues to gain followers in its version as one of the best offline Android games. It is possible to download a free version, but unfortunately, it is full of ads, so it would be better to pay for it. 

This real-time strategy game offers various exciting elements and features. The main objective will be to turn a small town into a huge medieval empire! Given how complex it is, suppose you will spend a few hours in the course of your day managing your new city.


If you have already played a game in the Worms series, you will undoubtedly find many similarities to Warlings. This game works the same way. Amid the humor and jokes it offers, you must also come up with a good strategy to defeat your enemies. 

There are six unique battlegrounds to play. There is also a huge arsenal of weapons full of interesting and sometimes absurd options to choose from. You can play alone or get together with your friends to make these battles even more competitive!

In a Nutshell

These are some of the best Android strategy games that you can play. All that is left to do is choose which game to download and play. In general, Android strategy games guarantee a good gaming experience. Except for in-app purchases to make the most of your choice, these games are sure to test your patience, critical thinking, ability to make informed decisions, management, and leadership skills.

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