5 Warning Signs Only Enhanced IT Support Can Resolve

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Any business, whether a brick-and-mortar shop or a large corporation, requires advanced technologies to run more efficiently. Without computers, printers, servers, business software, or internet connection, business growth and expansion could be impeded. Despite its numerous advantages, maintaining these pieces of equipment requires expenses. If not optimized, however, it may lead to problems and downtimes.

While it can be tempting to do it on your own, having reliable information technology (IT) support is necessary to make your business resilient in these challenging times. Are you wondering how you can achieve it? Learn more about the warning signs your business needs an upgraded and professional IT service.

1. Loss Of Productivity

Without possessing software and hardware, it’s hard to keep up in today’s world. You can’t send emails, respond to customer queries, and perform basic digital marketing strategies if you don’t have computers and a connection. Technology is supposed to make business operations faster and more efficient, helping increase productivity. If your employees are spending longer hours fixing system bugs than working, it’s not going to help your business.   

It’s important that all employees know the basics of operating a computer to prevent further problems. It’s equally important for them to report any minor bugs and problems so preemptive actions can be done.

As with all businesses, time wasted is money down the drain. If your enterprise experiences performance and productivity lags, a managed IT support service could help you. With the assistance of tech firms, you’ll have a clear idea of the problems that slow you down. Addressing these shortcomings can help you achieve a more flawless operation.

2. Frequent Cybersecurity Problems  

Many businesses may think that small entities aren’t vulnerable to cyber hacking. But this is a clear misconception because, in cybersecurity, it’s never a matter of who but when. According to the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon, 43% of cyberattacks were aimed at small enterprises.

If you’ve had security breaches happening often, you need professional help from IT experts. The same goes if you don’t have anything other than your computer’s antivirus software to rely on for protection.

Being too confident with your antivirus software is no longer enough in this day and age. Hackers are more sophisticated these days, and no entity is ever un-hackable. An IT support company like Resilient Managed Computer Service and other similar firms can help you build preparedness against malware and ransomware attacks.

By availing of the services of tech experts, your business can prevent other forms of data breaches that can force your business to a virtual standstill.  

An experienced IT company can help your business through the following: 

  • Spot system vulnerabilities
  • Identify bad cybersecurity habits
  • Provide inputs on best practices to the organization and staff
  • Ensure you get the most updated technologies
  • Provide training on cybersecurity and preventive measures

3. You Don’t Have Cybersecurity Policies

Some small companies don’t see the need for IT use and policies until something happens. Office devices such as laptops and mobile phones are prone to losses and theft owing to their portability. Worse, one of your employees may inadvertently click on a malware-containing email message, causing a data breach. 

When these unfortunate incidents happen, what does your company have to do to mitigate its damaging impacts? In the absence of IT policies, your company may be in deep trouble. An IT support company will help set up your protection from cyberattacks by identifying gaps and providing inputs for the creation of a comprehensive IT plan and security policies.  

With the help of a tech service company, your business will have a more robust security system and build a culture of cybersecurity practice among your staff. Aside from that, companies must note that cybersecurity rules aren’t static. This means it should be regularly reviewed and amended, as necessary. Additionally, employees should be aware of these updates and their responsibilities concerning these policies. 

4. You Don’t Have A Backup And Recovery Plan 

Thousands of businesses experience hard disk crashes and other forms of loss of data on a daily basis. In the United States, there’s an average of 140,000 incidents of hard disk crashes happening every 24 hours. Additionally, 60% of companies that experience data loss will shut down in six months following the incident. 

Despite the technologies spent in manufacturing hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs), it can’t guarantee full protection from data loss. Inadvertent deletion, theft, hard disk crashes, and ransomware are the most common reasons for the loss of business information. Natural disasters such as fire and flooding can also threaten your business data. 

Data loss can be every business owner’s nightmare, especially without a proper backup and recovery plan. It can cause millions in revenues and a potentially high-cost data privacy lawsuit. Faced with these risks, a business needs the help of a tech company to identify the proper kind of backup and ensure that you can retrieve lost data and continue with your operations.

5. System Disruptions

When it comes to any business, time is essential. That’s why you can’t afford to have frequent system failures and the downtimes that go with it. When you’re not running at full capacity, your business transactions can suffer. 

With computer and system crashes, you won’t be able to respond to queries from potential clients or perform customer support. Your accounting team won’t be able to record your cash outflow and inflow on time or read important business emails that need your decision right away.

Businesses should invest in efficient IT support to have a smooth flow of operations. Choose an expert tech firm that ensures your business can optimize its capacities and prevent the occurrence or recurrence of system disruptions.  

Final Thoughts

Businesses and organizations need IT support to make their operations run smoothly, enabling growth and expansion. With their help, you won’t have to spend too much time scratching your head or getting disappointed over system problems. As such, organizations can focus on operating their business and not on tinkering with the computer.

Ultimately, investing in robust IT support means you’re equipped with the tools to protect your business from natural and man-made disasters, giving you no excuse for business growth and expansion.

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