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Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:51 am

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With eSports and the betting that takes place alongside it continuing to be on the rise, more and more sports betting fans continue to look for the best resources possible to get involved in the action and enjoy everything that the activity can provide them with.

Indeed, with it being relatively new to many, eSports continues to thrust itself into the mainstream limelight, which means there has become a continued rise in demand for the ultimate eSports betting guide to be produced.

Take a look at some of the very best tips and tricks that are available to ensure punters are able to enjoy the very best eSports betting experiences possible!

Check out a number of sportsbooks

As with any other form of sports betting, it is incredibly important to check out and compare a number of online sportsbooks before signing up and placing any wagers that may want to be placed.

Although this can be rather time-consuming at times, it can provide bettors with the opportunity to find the best bets and odds available to them, thus potentially increasing the rewards that can be won or just simply further enhance the overall sports betting experiences.

Due to the time-consuming nature of doing the research, it is advisable that this is done a day or two prior to the eSports contest that bets are wanted to be placed on, as the odds will still be competitive whilst affording punters the time to check out all of the sportsbooks available.

Keep track of your favourite teams and players

Those that already have some idea about eSports and know how the sport actually works can look to try and follow their favourite teams and players. By doing this, the overall betting experience can improve greatly, whilst it can also just further the entire eSports experience such as watching it take place.

By being able to know which teams and players are the best in the eSports sphere, this will help to ensure that there is a good chance of being able to win a bet more often than not.

Bet on the games that are known

One of the biggest eSports betting tips that can ever be suggested is to make sure that punters know what they are doing and letting themselves in for.

In essence, think of eSports as a sport that you might already know enough about. Football fans who know nothing about another sport should look to do their research as a bare minimum. Those that know about eSports, though, can look to keep things as simple as betting on the games that they know about, as these can help bettors to make more successful predictions on a consistent basis, rather than gambling on something that they simply know nothing about.

Take advantage of live betting systems

One way in which bettors are able to enjoy an ultimate eSports betting experience is by keeping an eye on the live betting systems and by trying to take advantage of them when they can.

These systems will continue to update every couple of seconds, so by keeping track of the live betting system that a sportsbook provides will be a perfect way in being able to try and pick up the best odds at the most opportune time.

Of course, other factors such as being able to read odds and predict what might happen in an eSports event will need to be considered.

Considered the bonuses on offer

Bonuses and promotions are part and parcel of online sports betting and this is no different for the eSports betting markets. As mentioned, the discipline has become one of the most popular sports to place a bet on in recent years, and it continues to grow.

With more and more interest, sportsbooks are providing punters with more and more bonuses and promotions to get as many as involved as possible. By picking the right bonus or bonuses that are available, punters can potentially be rewarded rather handsomely if their bet pays off.

However, it should also be known and always remembered that a bonus is not going to be around forever and when it is used once, it may not be available to use again. Therefore, it is incredibly important to make sure it is picked at the right time.

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