10 Learning Tricks to Be a More Efficient Student

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Effective studying is the dream of every student. We all strive to avoid low productivity and procrastination because they cost us precious time. However, sometimes laziness and apathy win, making us feel guilty for the time loss.

However, there are certain tricks that can turn you into a more effective student. You should try them all to find out what works best for you. Studying methods should be tailored to every student, and so do effective learning tricks.

To write this article, we’ve consulted Noah Stilton, an paperwriter and former student, who’d been through writer’s block and procrastination and found her way to productivity and efficiency.

Get Organized

Planning is everything if you want to succeed. Your learning routine should be planned carefully. That will help you manage your time and handle your duties efficiently.

Use modern online tools and apps to organize your agenda. That will help you remember all your commitments and deadlines. Also, such planning will ensure you are aware of all assignments, projects, and tests that are scheduled in the near future.

Also, this planning technique will help you to find time for your hobbies and interests. It really matters for overall success and grants you get satisfaction from balancing learning and leisure.

Work on Your Concentration

If learning seems quite difficult for you, the problem can be in your concentration levels. Avoid any distractions when you plan to succeed in education. Study with your phone turned off and make sure no one can reach you while you work on the project. It is really important to focus if you want to study efficiently.

You can also practice active listening while you are in class. Take notes and make sure nothing slips from your radar. Such simple things help you upgrade your ability to hear and understand. It is critically important for effective learning.

Engage in Discussions

Do not be afraid to ask questions and engage in discussions. Learning does not lead anywhere if it is about memorizing but not understanding. Thus, your goal should be to comprehend the material. It is only possible through active communication.

Debates are the best way to dig to the truth. They involve both students and teachers and help you get into the matter quickly. Do your best to make your learning active. It actually brings positive results.

Take Care of Yourself

You should make sure your body and brain get enough energy to function properly. This is critically important for your education and efficiency.

Thus, make sure you eat nutritious food and take care of your mental health. Try to avoid stress or at least relieve it by meditating or doing yoga. Have enough sleep as it has a direct effect on your concentration levels.

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Take Breaks

To make your learning efficient, you should not only learn. Actually, if you spend too much time studying, the effect will be quite the opposite.

Apps like Pomodoro help you plan your working time so that you have enough time to rest. For example, you should have a 5 min break every 25 minutes of active work. Once you complete three of such runs, you should have a proper rest for 15-20 min.

If you do not take breaks, you are likely to get tired in 40-50 minutes, making the rest of your work unproductive.

Learn New Things

Learning new things increases productivity levels. People often get bored if they study the same stuff over and over. It does not bring any novelty and actually makes the whole process quite tedious. To become a more effective learner, try something new from time to time.

For example, learning a new language is very helpful in improving your overall linguistic skills. The more novelty you add, the better your memory becomes. Thus, learning gets easier and brings more fun.

Approach Learning from Multiple Angles

Effective learners try to engage in different activities to enhance learning efficiency. For example, you can mix auditory learning with experiments and field trips to maximize the effect of the knowledge received.

Utilizing different approaches to learning is highly recommended. Students who are fed up with theory find it hard to memorize things and apply them to practice. Those who use VR, AI, and other technologies as well as get practical skills to demonstrate better academic records.

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Insist on Practical Experience

Do not stop by learning things in theory. Actually, the theory is nothing without practice. The same applies vice versa, too.

Modern schools and universities work hard to make sure you get up-to-date knowledge together with practice. It is critical for making students industry-ready. Thus, whatever you learn, ensure you have enough case studies and experiment projects to apply all the knowledge you have.

Find What Motivates You

We all are very different. Certain tricks do not work on us the same way they work on others. To become a better learner, you need to discover what makes you more effective.

For example, some people like listening to music. They can listen to it for hours in the background and get lots of energy to work on their studies. Others prefer being in nature to get inspiration.

Discover what makes you more productive and effective. Try to include those things in your routine, and you’ll see your grades coming up.

Do not Multitask

Multitasking is the greatest misconception of the modern era. The human brain was not created to think of many things at the same time. Want it or not, you still focus your attention on one task more than you do on others.

Therefore, do not try to save your time by doing everything at once. You’ll lose this battle. Focus on one thing at a time, giving it enough attention and time. In the end, you’ll see that this strategy definitely beats multitasking.

Final Words

These are only a few of the most common suggestions that can help you become a better learner. We all are different, and such things as concentration and productivity depend entirely on our natural talents, soft skills, and self-motivation.

Work hard, discover your strengths, and try to make the most of every day. You’ll definitely find what things make you more productive and efficient.

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