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Sport should be an essential part of every person’s life. However, students find it hard to get even twenty minutes of free time to go for a run or do some stretches. As a result, they neglect their health which might have some very dire consequences. Luckily, more and more apps are developed in a way that helps people finally allocate enough time on sports. What is more, students can get cheap essays online once in a while and focus on their health for a change. Ordering a sample from a cheap writing service and allocating some time on sports activities is a reasonable thing to do. Speaking about the most effective apps and services for jogging, Runkeeper is one of the most useful ones. Here’s why.

What is Runkeeper?

So Runkeeper is a running app that is suitable for anyone, no matter whether you have been jogging for years, or have just decided to pick up this hobby. Since jogging is one of the most popular student sports, anyone interested in this activity should check out this app. If you don’t know how to allocate time on sports, try getting a cheap essay sample from a trustworthy service. This way, you will make the writing process less problematic. Don’t forget that cheap essay writing help is right at your disposal.

How to get started

Installing and using Runkeeper is both easy and fast. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Download the app
  • Sign up using your email address or your facebook account
  • Set up a OneASICS account
  • Select your primary goal (or the reason why you have decided to use Runkeeper: to run more often, to lose weight, to run a race, etc)
  • Provide info about the longest run you went on recently
  • Runkeeper will set an achievable goal for you, but you don’t have to follow it (it’s totally up to you)
  • Start running and have fun

No matter what your jogging goal is, this app is designed to make sure everyone benefits from it. If you want to get one of the college sport scholarships and need an app to track your progress, Runkeeper is great at doing that. If you are getting ready to run a race, specify it in the app and you’ll see how useful Runkeeper can be for you. In case you have already ordered one of those cheap essay papers and are looking for an app that will help get back to jogging, Runkeeper is a perfect choice. There are lots of great services on hand with the help of which you can be provided with cheap essays. Receiving a cheap essay sample presupposes that you can finally spend less time on writing. This way, you will have more time to jog.

Advanced features of the app

If you are going to use Runkeeper regulartly, upgrading to Runkeeper Go is certainly advisable. You will get performance comparisons, detailed statistics, as well as customized training programs. What is really cool about this app is that it is compatible with almost any fitness tracker or smart watch. Thus, data from your fitness tracker can be added to the Runkeeper app.

Surely, there is probably no need to upgrade to the Runkeeper Go if you go jogging a few times a week. Yet, you will see how many cool features you can lock after you upgrade if you are training to run a race, for instance. Statistical data is even more detailed which helps you keep a better track of your progress. Thus, you will see what aspects you need to improve to show better results next time.


Runkeeper is one the best apps for those people who are really interested in jogging. What is vital to highlight is that you don’t have to be a trained athlete to use the app. It is suitable for everyone. If you are one of those students who have finally found the option of ordering cheap essay samples online and thus have more time for jogging, start your first training session with Runkeeper. Luckily, getting high-quality and cheap essay papers on the internet does not take long, so students finally have an opportunity to unwind and go for a run.

You will be impressed with how great Runkeeper is at offering you achievable goals. It helps you stay motivated and actually reach those goals step by step. One of the things that differs Runkeeper from other apps is that you are not forced to demonstrate better results every single time you go for a run (unless it is the goal you have specifically set). What it means is that you can simply go for fun and stay healthy while tracking your progress and monitoring all the data. If you want to improve your running stats, simply make a few adjustments within the app to help you reach your new goal. The app is easy in use, and setting it up does not take you long. Download Runkeeper, and you will see how easy it can be to enjoy jogging and to make the most of it.

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