The Binary Number System: Its History, Applications and Advantages


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From discovering fire by the mere rubbing of stone to the most sophisticated electrical running cars and quantum modelling we and the world we live in has evolved very fast and at large must we add it. The only thing that hasn’t changed around us is our numbering system and the digits we are surrounded by in our daily lives, from counting money to files we are bound to use numbers in our daily routine. Even if we wash out clothes we need a timer that tells us the time and the digits that would take for it to complete. We are following the same number we used a hundred years ago.

Computers, on the other hand, from the very beginning of their existence, are using the binary number system that was also born with the birth of the computer itself. The binary number system has no other numbers from outside this world; rather, they are limited to the use of the 0’s and 1’s. So today we are going to talk about the details of the binary system. We will discuss its advantages, its history and its applications in our daily lives!

The History of the Binary System and Why It Was Introduced

Now you must be thinking that why the binary system did was introduced and when we say it came with the computer system then does it mean that the numbers 0 and 1 didn’t exist before? Well, the numbers existed from the very beginning of the earth and are sure to remain. The binary system, on the other hand, was introduced by the scientists to make the working and understanding of the programs easier for them and for the machine and because of this the binary system was introduced which is actually a true and false system valued as 0 and 1.

Out of all the systems for positioning around the world, the simplest one is the binary system so far as it has the most minimal number of numbers involved. Only two numbers appear in all of the binary systems and that is why it is quite understandable for the computer system and that is why the results are so quick that it is beyond our imagination.

Some Important Historical Points You Need to Consider:

  • The first electronic digital computer was built at the University of Pennsylvania. The university is still famous for this and will forever be.
  • The first electronic and digital computer with numerical integrator was first invented 71 years ago.
  • The radix number of the binary system is almost 300 years old.
  • The co-inventor of the Calculus the first binary computer wrote a paper on his invention in 1701.
  • The invention was made by the famous scientist Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz also who was the co-inventor of Calculus.
  • It took 20 years to introduce the first computer after the publishing of the idea.
  • The binary translator took another 200 years to launch in the digital world.
  • In 1796 the first binary arithmetic entry was reported!

Understanding The Binary System

Here is the simplest explanation of the binary system one can give:

  1. The binary system consists of two numbers.
  2. The two numbers that are involved are 0 and 1
  3. 0 exhibits the false value
  4. The 1 exhibits the true value
  5. The binary system works on the Boolean logic.
  6. The AND logic is used when the comparative values are both true, and the answer will also be true, that means 1.
  7. The OR logic states that if either of the values of the input is true or 1 then the result will also be 1 or true.
  8. The NOT logic states that the input values must be reversed!
  9. All three of the logics are used by the binary system.
  10. The NOT logic is the only logic that works with a single value
  11. The other two logics need a minimum and maximum of two logics to produce an output.
  12. There are three more logics that are a combination of these three basic logics that can be understood once the basics have been understood!
  13. You will need binary to text translator (that can be used on or any other online platform) to understand the values of the binary system.

Applications of The Binary System

  • The binary system is used in every application of the computer!
  • It is used by the computer even when you are reading the text, and you can use a binary translator to get an understanding of this concept.
  • It is used by the computer even when the images are produced as output.
  • It is applied by the computer even in audio files.
  • It is even applied by the computer even when you are watching videos.
  • It is even applied by the computer when you are browsing the internet.
  • It is also applied by the computer when you use the binary code translator tool by search binary translator on Google.
  • It is applied when saving images!

The Advantages of the Binary System

The binary number system has a number of uses and advantages for that matter. You must know that the binary system is a system that uses the least space on your system and this is the very reason it is reliable and second most important thing is it does not require the circuitry! The lower space the system will consume the lower will be the cost, the lower will be the energy consumed and the quicker will be the results.

If you are interested in knowing more about the binary system, then try using the binary translator system on the internet. You can find many binary translators on the web that are capable of binary to English, binary to ASCII, and binary to the text of other language conversions. Once you use the binary translator, you will easily know about the details of the complexity of the number system. You can also give us your feedback and read our other articles about the binary system.

The Binary Number System: Its History, Applications and Advantages 1

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