How Can Software as a Service Benefit Both Businesses and Consumers?

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Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 12:27 am

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Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud-based approach to using software. Instead of having to install every bit of software that’s used, users can simply use the software online. It’s revolutionized the way IT support and consumers acquire and use software. There are a lot of benefits for businesses and consumers when it comes to using SaaS. Here are three of them below.

Making Applications Free

One of the most beneficial side effects of the introduction of SaaS is that a lot of software is now free. Known as open-source software, anyone can download this software or use it online. Some popular types of open-source software include word processing, presentation software, accounting software, HR and payroll software, and even college textbooks. IT services have saved businesses and consumers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Small businesses, especially mom and pop businesses or home-based businesses, can thrive with these savings. College students already have enough to pay for, so free software is a necessity for them.

B2B SaaS

The development of SaaS for businesses has created a huge business-to-business (B2B) and networking market. Many of the top SaaS companies create software for other businesses. While the main goal of B2B SaaS is to help a business run smoothly and efficiently, this means that the business that develops the SaaS has to be extremely customer-oriented. While they may be selling the SaaS to a business, the end goal is for the SaaS to benefit consumers. This means that no matter whether the SaaS is a B2B product or not, it’s always designed with the consumer in mind.


Using SaaS significantly cuts down on security risks. With Apiiro, latest algorithms and techniques are used to pin down security risks and it provides continuous detection with any future threats. Before SaaS, applications and programs needed to be updated on the user’s end. These updates come from online downloads that are vulnerable to many different security threats. Even with the most advanced cybersecurity solutions, there are always risks with downloads. SaaS allows vendors to update programs in the cloud, eliminating the need for risky updates.

SaaS has been very beneficial for businesses and consumers alike. Accounting firms, CPAs etc. have already started adopting to cloud accounting technology such as QuickBooks Accountant hosting on a Windows Virtual Desktop which is based on SaaS model. Free applications, business-to-business transactions, and fewer security risks are only a few of the many benefits of SaaS. All the combined benefits of creating, selling, networking with, and using SaaS are now fully realized, making SaaS a permanent fixture in the software industry. SaaS will continue to grow on a global scale, making the possibility of SaaS to become the dominating way that businesses and consumers operate in the future.

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