Best Apps That Will Help You Keep Your Productivity Levels Up

Best apps that will help you keep your productivity levels up

Last updated on June 1st, 2021 at 12:02 am

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When there is a lot of stress and the workload remains unstirred, the first thing that bids farewell is productivity. Productivity can be best defined as efficiency – something that gets influenced by the work environment around you. When productivity gets affected, things begin to fall apart and the next thing you know is your boss running after you with a letter that says ‘termination,’ written in upper-case and bold.

In 2016, CITO researched a sample of workplace employees. In its research, it found that 23% of the employees believe that applications have a positive influence on their productivity. So, it would be apt to state that applications do play a role in maintaining productivity at workplace.

If you think that your productivity at your workplace is pretty shaky, then here are some apps that can help you keep your productivity levels up:

1.      Scoro

Let’s begin with Scoro. Scoro is a task management software, which organizes all your tasks and lets you track your performance for the day. Scoro also lets you manage your finances by compiling and sending out invoices and maintaining a record of all customers.  

2.      Asana

Asana is another productivity-inducing application that makes managing and organizing tasks a piece of cake. Using this, you can keep an eye on what your team is doing. The good thing about Asana is its easy-to-use interface; it lets you map out your goals, so you can check how well you and your team have been performing to meet those goals.

3.      Toggl

If time is your biggest enemy and you often find yourself struggling to meet deadlines, then Toggl can be a life savior for you. Toggl is a time-tracking application that lets you stay ahead of your deadlines by notifying you about the time you and your teammates have spent doing a single task. This way, you and your teammates can allocate time slots for different tasks, so your productivity doesn’t get affected and your tasks get finished, on time.


Do you end up forgetting that you had a task to do and when you remember it, you can hear its deadline whooshing by? We feel ya! With you can keep a track of all the tasks with ease. This app also lets you maintain a to-do list that you can share with your teammates. There are two versions of this app: a free one with limited features, and a paid one with enhanced features.

5.      Newton

Managing emails can be a daunting task and to help you out we have discovered Newton. Newton is an application that lets you organize all your emails at one place, regardless of what platform you use. Isn’t that cool? Now you won’t miss out on any important email. Also, Newton lets you keep a track of your emails by notifying you which recipient has read your email and which hasn’t.

6.      Buffer

With Buffer you can manage and organize your organization’s social media activities. If social media management is something that you and your team have to do daily, then this app can add more efficiency to your everyday tasks.

Buffer has an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage multiple social media accounts, effortlessly. However, you might have to opt for a reliable internet service provider while using Buffer because a lagging internet would render the app useless.

7.      Todoist

Just as the name suggests, Todoist revolves mostly around the term ‘to-do list.’ This productivity-inducing application is also a task manager, where you can organize your everyday tasks in a pretty effortless manner. Todoist gives you an overview of the daily goals that you need to achieve, so you can prioritize your tasks accordingly. Also, it lets you keep a track of your daily achievements, so you can see how well you’re progressing towards your goals.

8.      Weekdone

Weekdone is another goal-setting platform that also updates you on your weekly work status. If you work with a large team where keeping a track of the performance of each member is a nightmare, then Weekdone is the way to go as this application lets you check each teammate’s performance separately.

9.      Basecamp

Lastly, we have Basecamp on the list. Basecamp is a productivity-inducer that lets you manage projects effortlessly. Plus, it lets team members maintain good communication with each other. The way Basecamp works is pretty unique and easy; it groups people based on the task they’re working on, so everyone can view progress and contributions made by each member of the group. Basecamp also has a lot of features such as to-do lists, message boards, and file storage. So, it would suffice to say that Basecamp is like an all-rounder that lets you meet your goals efficiently.

All Things Concluded

Productivity is something that defines the image of an organization. By using a trusted productivity application you can improve the quality of work that your team does, you can create sustainable goals, enhance your employees’ efficiency and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction. So, in a nutshell, we can state that investing in a productivity app can lead your organization towards success. So what are you waiting for? Choose productivity inducing app for your organization, right away!

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