Top 5 most amazing casinos you should actually travel to and see

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Casinos are among some of the greatest tourist attractions throughout the globe, showcasing a variety of great architecture, games and luxurious environments to enjoy vacations in.

There’s a good selection of places to visit too if it’s gaming that’s on your mind, whether you’re choosing to play in the states, or somewhere a little more exotic. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the two most obvious choices and the most frequented by Americans, but that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t make the list.

After all, the gambling capital of the world isn’t even in the states, it’s located in Macau, an autonomous region on the south coast of China. Some of us may not have even heard of the area, but with some of the very best casinos lacing the streets – it might be time to pay a visit.

So, what exactly are the top 5 casinos that you should actually travel to go and see?

Grand Lisboa, Macau

First up, we’re heading straight to the aforementioned gambling capital, and for good reason too.

Head to Macau and you’ll see one building towering above the rest in an almost uneasy fashion, it’s not an office block, but rather a giant (856 ft) lotus flower-shaped casino known as the Grand Lisboa. For obvious reasons (if you’ve checked out the pictures), this is one gem that shouldn’t be overlooked when planning out a casino tour.

The striking design and architecture continue inside the building with luxury clearly at the forefront of the designer’s minds as they crafted the masterpiece. Lavish materials, large striking centerpieces, and incredible spaces await guests as they make their way through the doors.

You might be thinking to yourself, “all this talk of luxury sounds expensive, no?” and you’d be absolutely right. Ignoring the hotel costs for a second, you’ll see wagers at the tables starting at HK$300 ($38.35) increasing up to a huge HK$5 million.

Best get saving if you’re wanting to pay a visit.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

Somewhere a little closer to home next (providing that you do live in the States) with one of the very best casinos available in Las Vegas, the Bellagio.

A personal favorite of top poker players including Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu, the Bellagio boasts one of the best poker rooms in the country thanks to the high stakes offered in the legendary Bobby’s Room. Named after Bobby Baldwin, the room earned its nickname of “The Office” for some of the most elite poker stars in the business.

But it’s not just the poker room that makes the Bellagio such an American icon, there are some very famous fountains that hang around just outside the front door. The Fountains of Bellagio are known around the world and nestling in the 8-acre lake directly in front of the resort, it’s impossible to miss.

Guests will be able to see fountain shows in which the water jets are synchronized to music before heading inside for some good old-fashioned odds-based fun. It’s one of the very best casinos out there.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Next up on the list, one for every James Bond fan, Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco.

If there’s one casino in the world that oozes wealth and success, it’s this one. Casino de Monte Carle is the casino to attend for the rich and famous. Visit on any given day and your jaw will hit the floor with the number of high-caliber sports cars and vintage wheels, guarding the entrance.

But expensive chunks of metal will only distract you briefly before your gaze travels up the building, revealing one of the greatest buildings of the 19th century. The architecture is nothing short of stunning at the casino and the story of its success even better.

Lucian Marinescu, of OnlineCasinoGems, isn’t shy about his love for the casino, stating: “There’s something incredibly special about it [Casino de Monte Carlo]. Maybe it’s just an unhealthy obsession with James Bond, or maybe it’s something deeper, all I know is that I’ve completely fallen in love with the place!”

If there’s anyone’s opinion you can trust surrounding the casino world, it’s Lucian’s!

Casino Estoril, Lisbon

Heading over to Europe briefly now, Portugal specifically with one of the greatest casino-based hidden gems of all time – Casino Estoril.

The Lisbon based casino should be a must on anyone’s gaming to-do list and founded in 1916, the 100-year-old site is one of the more old-fashioned venues available today. The early 20th-century design has aged fantastically, guaranteed to force a smile from the grumpiest of guests.

Visitors will only find access granted for 12 hours at a time and there’s not an excessive number of games for players to occupy themselves with.  With 200 slots, a huge poker room, and various other table games, the casino may first seem a little thin on the games – but look further and you’ll see charm and atmosphere that you just can’t get anywhere else.

The casino hasn’t made our list because of the game selection, it’s made it for a truly unique gaming experience.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Back to Asia now and another gaming capital of the world in Singapore.

If you’re not all too clued up, Singapore might seem like a strange location to find casinos, but don’t let that put you off. With the single most expensive standalone casino (costing $8 billion) Marina Bay Sands is one that needs to be paid a visit.

The resort includes a 2,561-room hotel, 1,300,000 sq ft convention-exhibition center, giant SkyPark and a 490 ft infinity pool. As far as casinos go, there’s very few that top Marina Bay Sands in terms of what’s available – there’s everything you could ever want.

Gamers won’t be disappointed either with an impressive selection of table games (500+) as well as a huge collection of slots (1,600+). There’s something for everyone, regardless of their poison.

Well worth popping in, if you’re in the neighborhood.

Top 5 most amazing casinos you should actually travel to and see 1

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