4 Technologies to Keep Your Hospital Competitive

A hospital operating room overlaid with a digital interface displaying a glowing heartbeat monitor and various other health metrics, showcasing technologies to keep your hospital competitive.

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:39 am

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As we look into the future, more and more technologies are at the forefront. We continue to advance and chart new territory in a number of different fields, including in the medical realm. In that regard, there are a lot of technologies that hospitals need to be aware of in order to stay competitive and to continue to improve on their patients’ health. Although there are many, there are four technologies that all hospitals need to be aware of at the very minimum:

Robotic Surgery

At present, robotic technology has become a tremendous asset to surgeons who are performing operations that would normally be very difficult or impossible. One of the best things about this type of surgery is that it is minimally invasive. Moreover, this robotic surgery can help you recover a lot quicker than normal surgery.

EHR Software

EHR software is a tool that every hospital needs to have, and it is also something that needs to be as updated as possible. EHR software can help medical professionals update and compile all of the information regarding patients into one specific space online. Information such as prior visits, medical information, family history and current medical conditions can all be accessed easily. Of course, there are two ways to do this. The older, outdated version is an off-line version where you would need to have your laptop or computer handy to access the information. The cloud-based version of EHR software will allow you to access patient information in any location, as long as you have online access. EHR entries are often stored on legacy data systems, which can make them extremely difficult to retrieve or query without some type of sophisticated software that integrate disparate systems.

3-D Printing and Artificial Organs

The advent of 3-D printing is one of the hottest medical technological advances on the market today. This is because these printers can make implants and even joints. They are very versatile; they can be used for both long-lasting and temporary items. However, one of the most thrilling aspects of this new technology would be that it can lead to the rise of artificial organs. Doctors have already created blood vessels, capillaries, and even a pancreas with this new technology.


Telehealth is a fast-developing technology that is revolutionizing the way that doctor visits are conducted. Instead of face-to-face visits, more and more people are able to visit with their medical provider over a tablet, phone or laptop. Naturally, this makes scheduling doctor visits much more convenient and flexible.

The name of the game is to keep your hospital as relevant and competitive as possible. About the only way to do this would be through continuing to stay as up to date as possible on new advances.

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