How the Use of Technology Can Benefit Your Business


Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:38 am

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You may never have thought about how technology could have a significantly positive impact on the way your business is run, but it can have an array of benefits if used wisely. This is especially relevant if you run a large business with a vast number of employees and an umbrella of customers and clients as it can often be difficult to keep check of tasks and communication.

Many small and large businesses are now using technology to expand their abilities and improve customer service, but what exactly can you do when it comes to using technology for the benefit of your company?

Online marketing techniques

Every business, whether large or small needs a website as part of their marketing strategy to be found by both national and worldwide customers (for those who trade internationally). A well-designed website displays the element of professionalism and customers are more inclined to purchase from you if they believe your business is trustworthy. In most cases, you may need to hire a professional website designer to take care of the website design. It needs to be visually appealing, easy to use and contain significant content that showcases your business in the best light. Your website presence will increase your chances of being discovered on search engines; meaning you will be able to attract new customers and hopefully achieve a larger number of sales.

Social media is another form of marketing that has become one of the most successful methods of advertisement in the last few years. Promoting products and services on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to name just a few, is very cost-effective and ensures your brand is noticed amongst your desired target audience on a worldwide scale.

Use of mobile devices

As a business owner, it’s likely you’ll need to be out of the office to talk to suppliers and clients, meaning you’re at a disadvantage of being disconnected from your employees. If this is the case, it would always be best to carry a smartphone or tablet device to stay in the loop with employee and customer concerns, so you are never left in the dark about any issues that could arise.

Cloud computing

How businesses are managed has been made a whole lot easier by the use of The Cloud. This communication resource allows designated members of the company to work on a single project simultaneously and share files between one another, regardless of where in the world they may be. The Cloud also has a back-up feature to prevent important documents from going missing or getting deleted, which saves a vast amount of time and stress for all those in the company.

Communication technologies

As mentioned, business owners and managers are often forced to travel around to conferences and meetings, meaning their time in the workplace with employees is limited. Steady communication within any company is vital; whether it be between the manager and employee, supplier or customer. New communication technologies such as video calling make it far easier for those in authoritative positions to talk face-to-face with colleagues virtually, without having to be present. Similarly, when dealing with customers and clients, information can be shared quickly and easily via email newsletters, text messaging services or social media platforms.

Supply chain management software

Businesses in the e-commerce sector who deal with large orders can face immense pressure to ensure the production process is efficient and customers are satisfied. This is where supply-chain management comes in useful. This technique deals with the flow of goods and services; from the storage of materials to the production, packaging, and delivery of items from the warehouse to the customer. Employees can be hired to manage this aspect of the business, but if there are hundreds of products being manufactured and posted each day, it would be impossible to record. Specialised software can be purchased to keep track of each stage of the supply chain, yet many business owners who have had no real experience in leadership or product production may find it difficult to overlook supply chain management effectively. An online MS in supply chain management would be ideal for business owners who are keen to learn more about successful strategies for managing supply chains, customer relationships for an effective supply of materials and finally, purchasing products, services, and e-commerce tools for a streamlined process.

Project management system

When you constantly have to stay on top of appointments and tasks manually, you may be worried that some may go amiss. However, installing a project management system will ensure both yourself and your employees are aware of their tasks, so day-to-day tasks and appointments are never overlooked.

Security techniques

Unfortunately, many businesses are now at risk of getting their personal information and data hacked into, as criminals are becoming more intelligent with their schemes. In previous decades, there wasn’t much that could be done to reduce the risk of security breaches, but in recent times, businesses have discovered ways to prevent private information from being stolen. Criminals will use their own forms of technology to hack into private databases. Therefore, it’s essential that businesses counteract these aims by investing in their own forms of security technology. By having this technology, it ensures that information is accessible to the right people and cannot be leaked to outsiders, which is typically managed by equipping their private Wi-Fi networks with strong passwords and ensuring that PCs and mobile device are installed with the necessary security software; including anti-virus and malware features.

Invoicing and payment systems

Gone are the days when payments and wages would be managed solely in paper form. Specialised software can now be installed, so the cash flow is digitally managed and paid into the employee or client’s bank account. It also provides a form of a record should anything go wrong. By investing in this software, those in the accounts department will save a great deal of time, which could otherwise be spent on more crucial tasks.

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