Technological Tools for Smart Startup Management

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Last updated on May 6th, 2019 at 01:26 pm

Start-up businesses face their fair share of challenges. They are required to break into existing markets, encourage new customers to try their service, and manage the highs and lows with business with little experience or expertise. On the other hand, they are able to implement the newest technologies while existing businesses have a hard time converting their legacy tech into the latest and most efficient modes of trade and servicing clients. In order to take full advantage of this fact, here are some key areas in which startups can use tech to their advantage.


Cash-in-hand and the cheque payment are largely a thing of the past: now, business is conducted primarily through digital bank transfers and the small pieces of plastic that we keep tucked in our wallets and purses. Onboarding the tech from merchant account providers will ensure you’re processing payments with up-to-the-minute technology that helps you with your own finances and accounts while also providing the most secure, guaranteed way of trading that keeps all your revenue in one place, under protection, building economic trust both within your company and with the customers who use it.


Recruitment, for startups and small to medium-sized businesses, was once a laborious case of involving a recruitment agency or running your own sets of interviews at great expense in both time and cash. Nowadays, however, you can now utilize job sites to publish opportunities. You can also use LinkedIn to find the perfect candidates for your company, sending quick prospective emails to those who you think will be a good fit instead of relying on recruiters to decide who is the most appropriate.


Startups are ordinarily savvy when it comes to the digital world, and plenty of start-ups don’t just have a website or an app; the product or service itself is embodied in a website or app. This means that from the base, startups are harnessing the power and popularity of these technological innovations while established brands are still lumbering around with tech that is unfamiliar with them. This is your company’s chance to be cutting edge and ahead of the game, persuading customers through your slick use of web and app design to trust you as the new brand on the block.


Once the case of paying a good deal of money to run adverts in print or on the radio or television, nowadays most marketing takes place on the world wide web. It’s here that startups have a key advantage. Most startups will have a marketing strategy run – usually – by millennials with a good deal of experience in this area. Social media marketing, for example, is absolutely free and can generate a great deal of publicity with the right type of posts. Bear in mind your skills and capabilities so that you fully take advantage of this marketing realm.

Helpful Apps

Starting on the smaller scale before making it big, startups are best-placed to utilize the wonderful, efficient and cost-effective world of apps. Everyday apps like Uber and Google Maps cut down the time and money we spend getting around, and you’ll find that there are plentiful apps out there that cater towards small businesses looking for convenient ways to trade. Everything from logistical haulage to fine-tuning your marketing output, predicting your next quarter’s profits, and effectively managing international communications – all these things can be managed from a mobile device. Do your research and employ these technological helping hands wherever you can.


Payroll can be time-consuming and tricky when your business begins to grow, and you’re forced to manage a good deal of different individuals on different wages and shift patterns. Payroll tech has come on leaps and bounds since the clock-in-clock-out human resources blunders that could see employees under- or overpaid due to human error. Nowadays, there are incredibly accurate computer programs that work alongside other administrative systems – like the tax and pension system – in order to work out employee wages with ease. Your workers will appreciate this streamlined and timely payment routine, while you’ll find yourself free of the rush to get all pay slips generated in time for Friday.

Startups and SMEs have the exciting ability to be modern and selective in their approach to business; in order to garner custom and trust, and develop with a sustained growth that’s robust against challenges, ensure you harness technology in the right way. With sensible tech decisions, you’ll be generating new business opportunities and efficient sales without investing too much time or money into solutions.

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