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Last updated on September 25th, 2021 at 08:49 pm

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A new Windows personal computer is definitely something to be upbeat for, especially when it’s supports the highest operating system available. So you are right to chortle about your new window 10 PC; after all, not everyone owns one. But then, it’s not merely the idea of owning such a powerful machine or being able to finally play betway casino online that is responsible for the euphoria. Rather it is the thought of the abundant features and compatibilities you will get to enjoy, which, of course, is measurable on the vast number of downloadable apps. So now you are wondering- “what are the best apps to download for my new PC?”

Well, it is no stress! The Windows Store is undeniably an apps gold mine. So you can be rest assured to find any kind of app you need, whether it’s for entertainment or business.

In order to help you get started on a high note, we’ve rounded up the most used apps currently available for Windows machines.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on installing these goodies!


Whether you need to take a screenshot on a webpage or while working offline, Lightshot is the best solution you can find on Windows 10. While the built-in Snipping tool can also do this, Lightshot makes the process a whole lot easier and seamless, and even allows you to add comments.


Except you bought your PC for display or housekeeping purpose, there’s no way you can do without saving and storing things like pictures, documents, videos, and even likes. But then, the problem is always with organization and sorting. As you save more and more files, the need for an easy way to sort and search them becomes highly necessary. OneNote helps you meet this need very easily.


Put everything in place to make sure your Reddit experience more personal. With its simple and impressive user interface, Readit is a pop-out sidebar Windows app that makes it easy to read and scroll through posts from your Reddit. You will enjoy using it like any avid gamer would with casinosvenska.


Setting up plans and reminders is very easy with Wunderlists, especially now that that Christmas is fast approaching. Use this to-do app to organize and keep track of all important dates, events, and occasions. You can even collaborate with other people. Adding and removing lists is pretty simple, as well as performing a host of other functions. Interestingly, the app can be synchronized with other operating systems and the internet.


You will need this one especially if you’re a programmer. It is completely free and will continue to be. You can perform a lot of different tasks ranging from writing regular expressions and texts, creating web scripts and frameworks, and code comparison, amongst other things. Even if you’re not a coder, you will still find Notepad++ an important add-on.


If you don’t have Skype on your Windows PC, then you don’t have a complete app arsenal yet. As a window adapted networking app, Skype is undeniable the most popular chatting tools available for Windows. Its video chatting and call features are undeniably what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Sticky Notes 8

Though Sticky Notes have been around for a while, it still continues to remain useful for setting reminders. Just like the name indicates, the app allows you to create sticky notes, which of course are digital, and pin them to your desktop screen. The app comes with a good number of amazing tools and features which allows you to perform other important task. Its major upsides of the App remain its simplicity, utility and more recently, its ability to be synchronized with OneSticky.

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