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We are pleased to announce the release of Shoretel Contacts Fix version 3.0.

This program is a complete redesign and recode (moved to C# from of our previous release of Shoretel Contacts Import Enabler.


If you are a user of Shoretel Communicator, you will know that you have should have the ability to import your personal contacts, SharePoint list contacts or shared mailbox contacts into your Shoretel Communicator from Microsoft Outlook. However, in recent versions of Shoretel Communicator (version 13 onwards) this ability has been taken away by Shoretel. No one seems to be able to explain why but this utility will allow you to turn this functionality back on and allow you to once again import all your contacts from the various locations that you can add through your Microsoft Outlook program.


Download Shoretel Contacts Fix


Once you have downloaded the program using the download button above, you should run the program on the machine which has the contacts import problem. To ensure that this works fully, you should run the program when logged in with the effected users profile and this user should also have local administrator rights. If you do not do this, it may not fix the problem.

When you have started the program, you should ensure that you have closed Microsoft Outlook and Shoretel Communicator. Included in the program is a “Kill Programs” button which will do this for you, but will not save any work, so always best to do this yourself, but the functionality is there in the program if you wish to use it. Simply click the “Kill Programs” button on the toolbar and your Microsoft Outlook and Shoretel Communicator should close and you will get a message in the status box to tell you that it has been successful.

Shoretel Contacts Fix v3.0 Released 1

You should then click on the “Run Fix” button. Again this will run the fix on your machine and display the outcome on the status box. If something has gone wrong, the message in the status box will explain what has gone wrong and you should report it back here using the comments comments system at the bottom of this page

Shoretel Contacts Fix v3.0 Released 2

If successful then you should get a status box message telling you that the fix has applied and you should now restart your computer. You can restart manually or if you have no programs open, click the “Reboot Machine” and the utility will restart your computer for you.

Once the machine has rebooted, you should go into your Shoretel Communicator options, then go into the Outlook tab and then click on Import Contacts – you should now see that you have all the import options available to you that you have linked into your Outlook, like SharePoint lists, Social Media details and shared mailbox contacts.


You can use our MSI package to push out to users by using Group Policy, WDS, MDT or Configuration Manager among others. This is available by downloading this program and clicking on the Get MSI button on the programs toolbar.


You can use our MSI package to push out to users by using Group Policy, WDS, MDT or Configuration Manager among others. This is available by clicking the link below and you will immediately get the MSI package download:

Shoretel Contacts Fix MSI Download


Shoretel Contacts Fix v3.0 Released 3
Shoretel Contacts Fix v3.0 Released 4
Shoretel Contacts Fix v3.0 Released 5


If you have any comments, suggestions for future releases or if you would like to report any bugs in this program, then please use our comments system below to leave a comment.


Download PAD File

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