If you have a Raspberry Pi you may not want to have a monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to the device. So the best solution is to be able to remote desktop onto the device from your Windows laptop or desktop.

Well you can do that with a few simple commands on your Raspberry Pi.

Follow the command steps below to enable remote desktop connections:

Install XRDP onto your device:

  • sudo apt-get -y install xrdp

Install Samba to connect using a hostname:

  • sudo apt-get -y install samba

That is all you need to run on your Raspberry Pi device. Now turning to your Windows device, start up the Remote Desktop Connection tool and enter either the IP address or hostname of your Raspberry Pi device in the Computer section to connect to.

You should then use the following login credentials (assuming you have not changed your Raspberry Pi password:

  • Username: pi
  • Password: raspberry

Give it around a minute to fully connect to the Raspberry Pi device and you should now have full remote desktop access to your Raspberry Pi from your Windows computer.


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