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You should have noticed by now that the default internet browser Microsoft want you to use is their new Edge browser. Well, ok, its fine for home browsing but a lot of companies have legacy programs that still need Internet Explorer 11 to run them. So, how do you get your SCCM Operating System Deployment (OSD) to make the change from Edge to IE to be your default during the task sequence process?

Note that this guide assumes you are using SCCM with MDT integrated and that your OS installation disk has a variable of %OSDisk%

First of all, you will need a Windows 10 machine already built. Then change all the file associations to what you would want them to be on your deployment machine. Then you need to run the following powershell script:

 dism /online /export-defaultappassociations:c:AppAssoc.xml  

This will export an XML file to your C: drive. You then need to take this file and add it to your MDT scripts folder and then redistribute your MDT package within SCCM to update your distribution points with this new file.

Then, in your task sequence add a “Run Command Line” step and add the following command:

 cmd.exe /c Dism.exe /Image:%OSDisk% /Import-DefaultAppAssociations:%DEPLOYROOT%ScriptsViaMonstraAppAssoc.xml  

This will now apply those settings with the XML and you should then find that the default browser is Internet Explorer 11 and not Edge!


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