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Ever wonder if someday someone comes to you with some work and says, “Could you sign this agreement and fax it back through any fax software?” 

You might freak out, but certainly, you are not alone in this. The possible ways you could think of would be going to a local shop for printing? Or to someone who owns a fax machine in an office who might help you out or even think of a fax machine yourself. 

The virtual reality is the new normal, but with this new normal, the use of the traditional methods of sending and receiving faxes has been decreased. 

With the Windows XP fax software concept, CocoFax is undergoing a revolution. We’re striving to live better. From computer fax to google fax, we are making a conscious effort to build an easy and safe online fax. 

Before we get into the three-step guide on how to send and receive faxes through CocoFax’s windows XP fax software, you need to know about what is CocoFax and its cool features, which make it unique. 

CocoFax: An Online Fax Service

With many international platform recognitions like Forbes, TechRadar, iGeeksBlog, New York Times, etc. for the best and most established online fax service, CocoFax offers modern solutions for modern problems. 

Three-Step Guide on How to Send & Receive Faxes in Windows 1

CocoFax is a fax service without a fax machine, which includes online services for sending and receiving fax in just a few minutes. 

When it comes to faxing, it solely doesn’t mean to go for an actual fax machine for the whole process of sending and receiving faxes. It is where an online fax services provider comes in the picture. 

CocoFax provides easy, most trusted, secure, and the best solution for sending and receiving faxes. Till now, CocoFax’s Online Fax Service has been used by millions for free faxing. 

As mentioned earlier, CocoFax is a modern solution to modern problems of faxing. It allows users to fax documents in an exceptional way. 

With a mission to keep an easy and safe environment for senders as well as receivers, CocoFax servers present in a readable manner for both the devices. In this way, it gets easy for the servers to convert digital media to analog media and vice versa. 

CocoFax’s Features

  1. Simple and Dependable: CocoFax presents simple, secure, and dependable solutions for sending and receiving faxes. With this simple and dependable solution, it allows users for Cyber Resilience, International Faxing, and Ease of use. 
  1. Cyber Resilience: CocoFax servers make sure that the exchange of faxes remains just for the user’s eyes. 
  1. International Faxing: CocoFax to date covers 189+ countries, which allow millions of users to communicate with people all over the world. 
  1. Ease of Use: CocoFax makes sending and receiving faxes just like you are sending emails. Just a few clicks and you are done. 
  1. Adaptable Fax Solutions: From large scale businesses to small businesses or employees to freelancers, CocoFax has fax solutions for every individual or industry. With a variety of offers, CocoFax brings adaptable fax solutions for everyone with transparency at best. 
  1. Anywhere, Anytime: Need to send a fax while traveling where getting near a laptop or machine is not possible? Don’t worry, CocoFax has gone beyond limits with easy options for android, windows, or iOS. Name a software, CocoFax is available for anywhere, anytime. 
  1. Lifetime Storage: CocoFax provides online fax services along with a cloud-based system in order to keep a permanent and easily accessible record of all the data shared and received. It makes sending and receiving data records in one place. 
  1. No Soft/Hardware Needed: CocoFax allows users to use the service in a most convenient way, which makes it easier when there is no hardware or software installation needed. A straight line to work is what CocoFax gives. 
  1. Mobile Application: CocoFax is available for free on every mobile operating system like Windows, iOS, or Androids. The application is free-to-download, which works in every mobile operating system. 
  2. Searchable Faxes: Not able to find a specific document or file to send via fax? Enter a keyword and boom!Your document is right in front of your eyes as CocoFax provides an option to search the faxes. 
  1. Fax Preview: CocoFax provides a fax preview before you send a fax in order to avoid the hassle of resending the document again and again. 

3 Simple Steps to Send and Receive Faxes

  1. Create a CocoFax Account

The first and the foremost step to Send and Receive Faxes is to create a CocoFax Account. After filling in simple details like email address and password, you may sign up either with your Google or Microsoft account. 

CocoFax offers a 30 days free trial exclusively for everyone to understand and know what and how exactly CocoFax works before the user subscribes to it. 

Three-Step Guide on How to Send & Receive Faxes in Windows 2
  1. Choose Your Free Fax Number

The second step in the process is to choose your fax number. Once you sign up with CocoFax, with the use of login credentials, visit the dashboard where you will find an option to generate a new fax number at the corner of the dashboard. 

Three-Step Guide on How to Send & Receive Faxes in Windows 3

To generate the new fax number by filling a few mandatory details like the first name, the last name, etc. which will lead you to a new fax popup. 

  1. Start Faxing Right Away

The last step in the process is to start faxing right away. Open your account on any device such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile and start sending and receiving faxes. Sending and receiving faxes through CocoFax is as simple as sending and receiving mails. 

Log in to the CocoFax dashboard and use to fax anything, from document attachments to pictures, CocoFax is simply the answer to send and receive faxes. 

In the market of windows XP fax software providers, CocoFax is the most reliable, reputed, and trusted brand for the sending and receiving fax services. Remove the hassle of ink toners, papers, time, efforts, and money with CocoFax. They are available for your services. Anywhere, Anytime.

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