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AddMeFast is a website where you can collect points for various social media tasks. These mostly include following accounts, liking tweets or viewing YouTube videos.

You receive a varying amount of points for each task and once you build up a nice collection of your own points, you can then spend those points on getting other people to do the same for your social media accounts – so things like getting more Instagram followers or fans on Soundcloud.

Why use a bot?

Now you know what AddMeFast is all about, you should give it a try out manually to begin with so that you can understand how it all works. Once you have followed a few accounts and liked some tweets, you probably already know that you do not want to sit at your computer screen for hours on end liking other peoples social media accounts.

The solution to that is to use iMacros with AddMeFast. iMacros allows you to run a script against an internet browser which, with the correct scripts in use, then sits there and collects all your points for you.

Setting up your AddMeFast bot

Internet Browser

You can use both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to carry out the task for you, but for the purposes out this guide, we are going to use Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Extension

Once you have installed Firefox, you will need to install the iMacro extension which you can install from here.

First click on the Add to Firefox button:

Mozilla Firefox iMacros Extension Install
Mozilla Firefox iMacros Extension Install

Another popup will appear, just click on the Add button:

Mozilla Firefox iMacros Extension Install
Mozilla Firefox iMacros Extension Install

You will now see in the top right corner that the iMacros extension has now appeared:

Firefox iMacro Extension
Firefox iMacro Extension

Configure Firefox Popup Setting

Now type into the address bar the following and press the Enter key on your keyboard.


This will bring up a Proceed with Caution message, just go ahead and click the Accept the Risk and Continue button to get into the Firefox configuration page:

Firefox Proceed with Caution
Firefox Proceed with Caution

In the Search preference name search box, type in the following:

This should bring up this option and you will notice a number (default is 2) to the right:

Firefox Proceed with Caution
Firefox Proceed with Caution

Double click on the value and change the setting to 0.

Once you have done that, restart your Firefox browser.

AddMeFast Scripts

You can have a Google around the internet to find all different sorts of iMacro scripts which you can make do loads of different tasks for you. However, we do have our own archive purely for AddMeFast where you can find the details below:

You can also keep an eye on our GitHub repository here for any new or updated scripts of which the community may add.

Social Media Accounts

You should now choose which social media accounts you want to use for carrying out the collection of AddMeFast points. In your Firefox browser, ensure that you are fully logged into each of these social media accounts so that the iMacros scripts can go ahead and use them automatically.

How to run the scripts

Once you have gathered the iMacros script that you want to run and you are logged into the social media channels that you want to use and also your AddMeFast account, you can now run the scripts.

Facebook Likes

For the sake of this guide, we are going to use the Facebook Likes iMacro script for AddMeFast.

Click on your Firefox iMacros extension and it will bring up a popup window. The quickest way to add your script is to edit an existing script by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit:

iMacros Edit Existing Script
iMacros Edit Existing Script

This will bring up another popup with the existing script in it. Delete all the script and then copy and paste the script you want to run. Then go ahead and click the Save As button and give your script a name:

iMacros Script Editor
iMacros Script Editor

You now have your script ready to run, so go and ahead and test it out by running it once. If you are happy with it, you can run the script up to 99 times in one go.

Will this get me banned?

The short answer is yes, possibly. You are at risk of getting banned from AddMeFast and any of your social media accounts. Any type of automation like this is very much frowned upon by the internet gods but so long as you do not carry these scripts out on an industrial level, you should be fine.

However, take a look at Recommended – 9 Best Instagram Proxies (2020 Update!) – Quantum Marketer which will of course make you safer on the Instagram platform when you are using bots like AddMeFast.


To avoid getting your own personal or business social media accounts banned, create a few fake social media accounts and use those whilst collecting AddMeFast points. This way, if your account does get banned – so what? just create another one.


This is a great way to grab a load of AddMeFast points whilst you are away from your keyboard. This also means that you don’t have to sit there yourself collecting points and also get your a huge better social media presence.

But – be careful, don’t get greedy as it might get you banned!

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