3 Reasons Why the Pouting Face Emoji Is Misunderstood

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Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:55 am

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It’s been almost three decades since humans have used emojis to convey messages and feelings. Believe it or not, some people consider emojis as “the modern hieroglyphs.” It’s not that we’re going back to the earliest civilization. Instead, it means that people are using emojis excessively.

Though emojis appeared in the late 1990s, it serves as a visual clue in 2020. Some people change its meaning, while some misunderstand what it’s for. Of course, different people show varying facial expressions. But what if you can look it up on your keyboard and search for the appropriate emoji? Would it still be confusing? It seems to be the case with the pouting face emoji.

People pout when they’re displeased, but they still look cute convincingly enough to get what they want. How did the adorable pout become the most misunderstood emoji of all time? Continue reading now to learn more!

1) Mistaken Identity

Stealing someone’s identity is a serious crime. Not only is this person using another’s name, but they will go as far as using their details too. This information may include addresses, workplace positions, and probably even the name of the other person’s spouse. They use these to fool people, not just the ones you know.

On the other hand, mistaken identity makes a funny conversation starter. Imagine a person coming up to you and saying you look like a certain celebrity. Though it’s flattering, it can do more harm than good.  

There have been several incidents all over the world wherein a person was wrongfully arrested (or killed) due to mistaken identity. It can be because they look similar or bear the same name. Either way, it’s a horrible thing to happen to anyone.

Is there such a thing as mistaken identity with emojis? Yes, definitely! You have most likely sent a wrong emoji or two while texting. It’s probably when you meant to use one emoji but sent another. The pouting face emoji is usually mistaken as the angry emoji. Most likely because they’re both round, red-faced, and looking displeased. The only difference is that the pouting emoji has a bit of blush in its cheeks! No worries. It’s a common problem since the emojis are small. Just remember to check your emojis before hitting send!

2) Misreading the Emoji

What’s your expression usually like when you’re displeased? Most likely: eyebrows furrowing, scrunched up nose, and pouting lips. It’s the general look of annoyance. You probably look the same when you’re a little angry or just want to be left alone. There’s nothing wrong with that expression, of course. Don’t worry! Everybody does it.

But while it’s clear to see the expressions when you’re facing another person, it’s a little hard to tell with text messages. Some people can misread the emojis you send too! Even though you were supposed to send the pouting emoji, you accidentally sent the angry emoji instead. It’s no wonder, seeing as both emojis are red and look extremely annoyed. Remember: if it’s blushing a little, then it’s the pouting face emoji. Looking carefully is always the answer.

If you’re good friends, there’s no harm in sending the wrong emoji. It might even become a funny inside joke between you two. But if it were other people, they’d be insulted. It’s not something you send to someone you’re not close to, especially in a professional setting. Checking who you send it to is a good precaution too! Check your message and the emojis you used.  

3) Mismatched Sentiment

Haven’t we all gone through it, sending a message of best wishes and good health, but the person misunderstood it somehow? They thought you were a horrible person for saying such things. Misunderstanding happens way more than it should, and it damages relationships. It can happen with parents, friends, or co-workers. Make sure the flame has died down before making a proper conversation.

But what about with emojis? It happens more often than not. Maybe you’re typing too fast, or you aren’t looking at the message before sending it. Then add accidentally sending a smiling emoji when a person is going through a rough day. It’s one of the worst things to happen, especially if you haven’t seen each other in a long time. But before it winds up into a heavy argument, always remember to apologize. 

Such is the case with the pouting face emoji. You wanted your message to sound cute and appear adorable, but somehow people thought you were angry and disappointed. Maybe they misread it, or perhaps they didn’t think you’d put an angry face emoji as a reply to their cheerful greeting. Though you know it’s an accident, the other person might not. They may think you’re treating them with hostility.

These mismatched sentiments happen, and it causes a lot of misunderstandings. It would be best to look at your messages and emojis carefully before sending them. This small action could save your relationship in the coming years. 

If it does happen, start by replying: “Oops, sorry, I was supposed to put the pouting face emoji!” Then you can both laugh it off. But if they didn’t take it well, give each other space before resuming the conversation. It’s nothing a good cup of tea and sensible talk couldn’t fix. Just make sure your message is perfectly understood this time.


As a person and a good friend, you have to understand that not everything you say will mean the same to another. Even though you’re perfectly sincere, your friend might think it’s a passive-aggressive sentiment against them. It may not always be easy to talk it through text, but at least you tried. 

It’s the same thing with emojis. As long as you mind what you say and you know which emoji to use, you will never be misunderstood again. You can always try and be better next time. To get more ideas on how to use emojis creatively, check out EmojiGuide.com now!

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