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We had recently been made aware of a problem with our website when being viewed on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. The problem was that the site was being presented as nothing more than a list, no images or formatting. It was even causing a problem with our analytics as the code to track site visitors was not being loaded. So the site was showing up looking like this:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 1

Nice and mobile friendly if we were in 1998, but mobile devices have moved on from text based sites.


So what was causing the problem we thought? pretty obvious, it’s the theme’s responsive mobile options. So we started to make many changes to the settings of our theme and site and even tried a bit of custom CSS, but nothing worked and the site was still showing as a text based mobile site. Infuriating.

Then from nowhere, it clicked, we knew what the problem was – Jetpack.


Jetpack is an awesome plugin and it does a lot of good things, however, at some point, we must of thought it was a great idea to have the Jetpack mobile theme enabled.  Using the ready.mobi site, we checked our site against the four device options and the desktop version was correct, but all three other versions (high-tier, mid-tier and low-tier devices) were displaying this annoying text based version:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 2

So, we went and checked the settings within Jetpack and there it was, the Jetpack mobile theme was enabled:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 3

So, we went ahead and turned this option off so it should be like this within the Jetpack settings:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 4

Checked our website against the ready.mobi site again and there you go – all working as it should using our themes mobile friendly site:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 5


Instantly, we saw our website visitors go up on Google Analytics real-time view and we checked a few of our own mobile devices to confirm that it was now working correctly.


So, the morale of the story here is to not spend 8 hours of a weekend looking for a problem that may be something simple like an incorrectly configured slide bar!


If you have any feedback on this guide, we would love to hear back from you so go ahead and leave us a comment below.

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