Where To Play Cube Solitaire? List Of Top Apps In 2022

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Most of you have played Cube Solitaire, know how to play, or have seen your friends addicted to the game. For those who are unaware, Cube Solitaire is a variant of the classic Solitaire card game that was once a colossal rage as it came in-built with Windows PCs. The game offered more than entertainment as it taught PC users how to use the mouse. Solitaire was introduced as a teaching tool to help people quickly familiarize themselves with the way to click the mouse to drag and drop things or move them around.

Then, the digital revolution came to being, and the introduction of the Internet transformed the way people view games. PC games are still popular, but people prefer playing games on their smartphones. Also, people prefer playing fast-paced, short format games that can finish anywhere. Multiplayer games are also a huge craze. Keeping these things under consideration and given that Solitaire didn’t lose its popularity in the modern age, game manufacturers cleverly reimagined the game. That’s when Cube Solitaire was invented, especially for the new-age millennial gamers looking for an intense card game that felt familiar yet challenging.

Although the game’s rules are the same, it has its twists. The game is played with a single deck of fifty-two playing cards and four suits. When assembling the cards, players need to keep the color and suit in mind. You need to assemble the cards of the same suit but in alternating colors. Once the cards are assembled, click to send it to the foundation deck, and that’s how you’ll score points.

Now, let’s look at the popular Cube Solitaire apps in 2022.

Solitaire Cube (Skillz)

Solitaire Cube by Skillz is also known as Classic Klondike Solitaire, and it is built for your tablet or phone. The app offers smooth animations, intuitive gameplay, and fast touch controls. In the game, players are awarded points for every card they expose and send to the foundation deck.

Players need to think fast when solving the deck because each game has a time limit. You’ll get bonus points if you can solve the deck before the timer runs out. It isn’t a single-player game, and you can engage in head-to-head clashes with other online players. You can play for pure entertainment or to earn money.

If you choose to play multiplayer games, both players will need to solve the same deck, and whoever finishes first with the highest scores wins.

MPL Cube Solitaire

If you ask around for the best Cube Solitaire app, it is undoubtedly the one offered by MPL or Mobile Premier League. The app boasts interactive and intuitive gameplay, straightforward navigation, and user-friendly controls. You can download the game on your smartphone and create an account to play unlimited Cube Solitaire games. Each match session lasts for about five minutes, and you need to solve the deck before the countdown timer shows 00:00.

On the MPL platform, you can engage in 1V1 or 1VN games. You will compete with online players in real-time in the former, but the app doesn’t require you to wait for your opponent to join. Instead, you’ll be randomly matched with an online player, and you can play your turn without waiting for your opponent. Your opponent can join later and finish the game. The scores are tallied at the end, and you’ll be notified of the winner. The latter is the multiplayer tournaments and battles ongoing on the platform. You can participate in these tournaments after paying a small entry fee. However, the tournament bounty is quite lucrative, and if you manage to dominate the scoreboard, you can take home fantastic cash rewards and prizes.

The app allows for instant withdrawals, and there’s 24/7 customer support for your convenience.

Solitaire Cube (Tether Studios)

Solitaire Cube is a classic game with a twist. Players need to solve the deck to win quickly. You’ll find three-card draws in the game, and you need to stack your cards into piles of alternating colors. You also need to sort the cards according to their suit. There’s a timer, and you need to solve the deck before your time’s up.

You can engage in head-to-head play in the app and compete with other players or partake in large tournaments. All the players have to solve the same deck to win the prize.

You know the Cube Solitaire apps to download. So, turn your attention to know a few strategies to augment your winning chances.

  • You must try to expose the hidden cards as fast as possible during the game. These cards will provide you with more potential moves.
  • It is essential to create empty tableaus to use them as temporary storage areas for your cards. So, start by moving cards from the columns that already have fewer cards so you can quickly empty the column.
  • It is crucial to keep in mind only the King card is played on the empty column. Therefore, the color of your King card will dictate your future moves.

Wrapping Up

Cube Solitaire is a highly addictive and entertaining card game. It requires many skills, patience, and experience to win the game. You are advised to play many practice games before participating in multiplayer tournaments. Also, try not to get nervous and give an undue advantage to your opponent.

Go ahead and download the game. Best of luck!

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