Cisco is renowned for certifying IT professionals who are building their career in the networking industry. It is the best platform that is entrusted by many employers all over the world because of its training that has helped to shape the networking industry. The main certifications that are offered are CCENT, CCDP, CCNA, and CCIE which are always in demand by the employers running several networking platforms. Moreover, Cisco exam design is set as per the business and product approach implying that the exam does not only equip the learner with networking skills but also business and technical skills.

Why Cisco Exam Is Unique Cisco Certification CCNA, CCNA Security CCNP TSHOOT SWITCH ROUTE, CCIE, CCENT are occasionally updated from time to time. As technology advances Cisco exam also advances their approach to the new inventions. It is the most preferred exam type because it possesses the following unique features:

  • The exams are always proctored and delivered ultimately in a highly secured setup for a period that does not go beyond 2 hours. The only exception is the lab exams that take 8 hours.
  • The candidates often sign the legal agreement for Cisco’s Confidentiality before taking any certification exam. It is one of the key requirements for one to be officially certified.
  • Exam questions involve problem-solving scenarios in the real networking field. These questions may be multiple or single choice for both questions and answers.
  • They are delivered online with questions having a specific administration access. For instance, the candidate is allowed to mark the exam question only once.
  • The erasable board for personal work related to the exam is always provided for the candidates. They can use it to precisely giving suitable answers especially when it comes to calculations.
  • Upon completing, the candidates will receive a detailed score report concerning the performance. The lab exam can either fail or pass but the candidate’s results are viewed using candidates’ credentials to log into the server.
  • Cisco exam is facilitated by Pearson VUE and the payment are done through the facilitator. The pricing differs from one certification exam to another. However, the candidate can find more information regarding the exam pricing on their official website.

Finally, the candidates are ought to be aware that the certification exams always expire. The validity period depends on the type of the certification. As for the associate and professional certification exam, they usually expire after a period of three years from the exam passing date. The specialist certification is valid for 2 years. This is to make sure that the candidates who want to start multi-exam certification complete the certification exam within the appropriate time frame.

Renowned Cisco Certification Exam

Cisco exam covers a wide field of study in IT networking. The technology advances momentarily and Cisco exams are designed to address issues that arise in these advancements when networking is a concern. The critical networking fields which Cisco offers at its length are:

  • Routing and Switching
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cisco Devices and Telephony
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Networking Security
  • Wireless and Wired Communications
  • Technical Cisco Support Services

Cisco exams certify the candidates on various categories from professional to specialist level. However, some certifications may contain a series of exams that need to be completed in order to claim a certification. Some few Cisco exams that are intended for Cisco certifications on various topics include:

  • 200-125, 100-105, 200-105- these exams certifies individuals with a CCNA certification on Routing and Switching concepts.
  • 300-101, 300-115, 300-135- award the candidates with CCNP certification on Cisco IP Routing implementation and general maintenance.

Excellent Guideline and Tips to Apply

To obtain a Cisco certificate is considered to be prestigious. Passing Cisco exams is not a piece of cake. Having passed the exam means that an individual is a real professional and can choose a good position as well as a high salary in the company or organization. The exam tips below will truly help you pass the exam if and only if you put into practice.

  1. Get familiar with Cisco Exam

It’s said that every candidate might assume to be familiar with Cisco exam by just scanning the past questions paper. Definitely, that is not how to get familiar with an exam at all. Getting familiar means going to Cisco website to find the most useful products that can help you pass your exam. It is advisable to use Cisco products in preparation for Cisco exam.

  1. Create a Study Plan

Adequate planning always leads to onwards success in whatever stuff you are doing. The time you take to study is less considered than the technique you use to study. Frankly speaking, Cisco certifications are really hard to gain. The exam needs a candidate to have a deep study before doing an exam. It is necessary to create a certain criterion that can guide you in your preparation. For instance, you can study procedurally by starting the concept from its roots even if it means going outside the curriculum content.

  1. Use the Exam Prep

Some candidates might deem themselves to be bold and intelligent. It is good but the intelligent also need to polish their knowledge. Doing the preparation test does not mean you are trying to create a shortcut for excellence but rather means that you are intending to expand your knowledge further. The exam prep serves as a key for identifying your weak points and learning from the mistakes that you can make.

  1. Be Part of Cisco Community

Cisco community is the best online site where individuals with the same mission and vision get to interact on matters affecting them. You will be able to meet with the experts who can share their own experience regarding the challenging Cisco exams. Besides, the best revision materials are always posted here for the purpose of proper training and understanding of network topologies. You will be part of this community even after graduating hence interacting with fellow specialists.

  1. Prepare Yourself Psychologically

The time has come to showcase your knowledge and shine in IT industry. Take every step carefully and remain focused on the main thing it has cost you restless moments. It is this time when a candidate is said to be at a relatively fragile position; it is the determinant state to output success and absorbs failure or vice versa. So, take your moments carefully.


Certification exams from Cisco are always challenging and need self-confidence throughout the exam period. In most cases, questions need the candidate to actually apply the knowledge gained. They are not set directly such that you have to paste the answers without further reasoning. The techniques one will use to approach Cisco exams is the same technique one will apply when dealing with IT solutions.

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