Stanford University has created and developed an app to help its students, faculty, alumni and even parents stay updated and connect with each other whenever they need it. Apart from that, the app offers such information as dining options, news and updates, upcoming events and more. Stanford students continue to provide positive feedback regarding this application which proves why it is so important for an educational institution to offer not only educational tools that will help one write a Stanford essay, but also mobile apps that make the life of a student easier, as well as help them feel more engaged.

Apart from that, Stanford University has another program called SMILE – Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment. No matter whether you are an architecture student, are majoring in law, or are currently dealing with the task of writing Stanford essay, this program will really come in handy. With the help of this initiative, it has become possible to transform classroom learning into a studying environment where every student is engaged in the process. What is more, being an active participant of classroom work has a positive effect on students and their ability to deal better with various academic writing tasks including writing a Stanford roommate essay, for instance.

To specify, the whole point of this technique is to help students deal better with those assignments that require creative problem solving, demonstrating their critical reasoning skills, as well as improving their skills to gather, share and evaluate different multimedia inquiries. If you take a closer look at the Stanford University acceptance rate, you will see that only the most talented applicants get the chance to study at this educational institution. That is why, it is not surprising why students expect to be a part of the newest and most unconventional teaching techniques. Surely, a lot is expected of them as well. For instance, the task of writing Stanford essays is one of the most complicated ones they get to deal with in the course of studying. No matter what kind of Stanford essays they are supposed to submit, there is a whole list of requirements they need to follow. Even if the task of writing a Stanford roommate essay seems easy, there is no guarantee they will have enough time to complete it. The good news is that this educational institution helps students master the skills of writing Stanford essays in a few years.

What should also be mentioned in regards to the SMILE tool is that it will soon become an application where both teachers and students will get access to quizzes not only in the classroom, but also outside of it as well. Apart from that, it is vital to highlight that the mere fact that the administration has decided to actively engage with its students using a mobile app is already a huge step forward for the whole system of education. Furthermore, positive feedback about the app and the studying process in general means that it is time for other colleges and universities to follow the example of Stanford as well. Students spend tons of time on their phone. Why not put it to better use? The world we live in helps us come up with unexpected and very unconventional solutions. The good news is that such thing as a smartphone can easily become an educational tool as well in addition to simply being the device we use to scroll through our social media feed or chatting to friends. When an Ivy League college develops its own app to make the life of its students easier and to provide them with valuable information simply by making a few screen taps, it means that pretty much anything that surrounds us can be transformed in a tool we can really benefit from.

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