Google has rolled out another update for their Chrome browser, bringing it to version 126.0.6478.127. It’s time to ensure your deployment systems are up to date by downloading the latest Google Chrome MSI installer!

If you’re responsible for mass deploying Google Chrome or keeping it current across multiple machines, the official MSI installer from Google is your best tool. Using this installer, you can efficiently distribute the latest version through your Software Center if you’re using SCCM or deploy it directly using Group Policy.

Download Link

You can download the Google Chrome MSI installer directly from Google. Here is the link for your convenience:

Available Versions

Google Chrome is available in multiple versions for different platforms. All the following versions can be downloaded from the link above:

Google Chrome MSI for Windows 64-bit126.0.6478.12763.4 MB
Google Chrome MSI for Windows 32-bit126.0.6478.12758.6 MB
Google Chrome DMG for OS X126.0.6478.12762.2 MB

ADMX Files

For those managing group policies, the following ADMX files are available:

Chrome ADM/ADMX Templates13.1 MB
Google Updater ADM Template Update403 KB
Google Updater ADMX Template Update21 KB

Deployment Instructions

For a seamless deployment in your corporate environment, use the silent installer switches. The recommended command line is:

msiexec.exe /i "GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi" /qb+! /norestart
  • /qb+! switch installs quietly with a basic UI and no modal dialogs.
  • /norestart switch prevents automatic reboot after installation.

For different levels of UI visibility during installation, you can use:

  • /qb+ for a basic UI
  • /q for a completely silent installation.

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MSI Installer: A package format used by Windows for installation, maintenance, and removal of software.

SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager): A software management suite provided by Microsoft that allows users to manage large groups of computers running various operating systems.

Group Policy: A feature of Windows that provides centralized management and configuration of operating systems, applications, and users’ settings.

ADMX Files: Administrative template files used to manage registry-based policy settings in Windows.

/qb+! Switch: A command-line switch used to perform a quiet installation with a basic user interface and no modal dialogs.

/norestart Switch: A command-line switch that prevents the automatic restart of the computer after the installation is complete.


What is the benefit of using the MSI installer for Google Chrome?

The MSI installer allows for easier deployment and management of Google Chrome across multiple machines in a corporate environment. It supports features like silent installations and integration with deployment tools like SCCM and Group Policy.

How can I ensure that Google Chrome doesn’t automatically reboot my system after installation?

You can use the /norestart switch in your command line when deploying the MSI installer to prevent automatic reboot.

What are ADMX files and why are they important?

ADMX files are Administrative templates for Group Policy settings. They allow administrators to control and configure software and system settings centrally.

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