Brand awareness and generation of leads and possibly turn into prospective clients come under the supervision of a digital marketer. They are responsible for all digital channels of a company whether its social media marketing, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing or simply a website and a blog. The digital marketer is the leader of these channels to help grow business and its popularity.

Digital Marketing

It depends on how big your company is. If you run a small online store then you might look forward to a single man who could do multitasking and carry out these several roles. If it’s a large corporation they might have a specialist for each of these channels. So one could either master in all those skills or could simply just pick one or two and get their games on.

A digital marketer monitors different KPI’s (key performance indicators) to oversee how good the performance is going through a certain channel. Below are certain roles and their responsibilities which comes under the tagline of a digital marketer

  • Search Engine Optimization Executive or a Manager

An SEO manager keeps in check of the organic traffic, which is the number of visitors of a specified business website page. They work on getting higher ranking in the Google search engine. Moreover, they ensure that the content on a website, blog or even social media channels is SEO optimized so that it brings forth the results.

  • Content Writer or Marketer

These work towards creating content whether it is web content, SEO optimized content using keywords, blogs, social media content, or articles. They coordinate with other sectors of a firm to give birth to content that generates sales and associate with the overall marketing strategy of a brand. They also keep on track of what’s new and what should be updated to meet the latest standards including video content. Content-based on essays is also quite educational and helps in bringing awareness. There is a possibility if you want to hire essay writing cheap is available for you guys.

  • SMM ( social media manager or marketer)

Social media manager works on the social media activity of a business. They work on building up the firm’s social media accounts and make them more visible on social media platforms. These posts should get more followers, get a higher appearance on the newsfeed of different channels and the shares they get to ensure the credibility of a brand.

  • Marketing Coordinator

This person is responsible for taking together all these different mediums of digital marketing and keeps them on the overall marketing strategy creating influence like no other. A marketing coordinator also monitors the KPI’s of different digital marketing features and keeps track of how well the brand is doing that is its overall performance.

Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

On a level, both fall under the classification of digital marketing. Yet both are online and both attacks on lead generation, they are still slightly different from each other.

Inbound v Outbound Marketing

  • Outbound marketing

The digital marketing outbound tactic is actually spreading the message across a wide variety of platforms as long as it is online. Its relevance to the website or a targeted audience does not matter. These are the same ads which pop up in the middle of watching a video on YouTube. So they are not always welcomed but can generate results.

  • Inbound Marketing

Corporate which hires for digital marketing inbound tactics focuses directly on the targeted audience. They try to bring in new customers to their website through online advertisement platforms which are on the same niche like Facebook groups or certain hash tags on Twitter to be followed. They also create blogs to educate their clients regarding their services or products.

Hence inbound marketing delights its customers and engages them with a positive attitude. While outbound marketing imposes itself on the customers though it’s very highly likely if your brand is good you will get results. In comparison to most offline marketing tactics, digital marketing brings great results in less time. If you do advertising through newspaper how would you find out how many flipped through it and how many actually read it. So you cannot monitor sales this way and stay unaware of what’s working and what’s not.

However, in digital marketing you can track all your activities by measuring ROI. So you would know which strategies work best and which to further enhance.  Digital analytics software and digital analytics data were created to monitor digital marketing activities. These may include which device is being used by the user, which social media platforms are creating the real buzz, who have viewed your websites and how many viewers are there of a website. All these alternatives are what make digital marketing the most trending industry for job seekers and for company owners to gain more business.

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