If you want your business to enjoy much success online, you must boost your online visibility, web traffic, brand recognition, social media engagement, and sales. Yet, overcomplicated campaigns, inefficient processes, or poor-performing platforms can prevent your company from becoming an industry leader.

Do you want to help your business reach its full potential? Then, take a look at these three game-changing ways to improve your digital marketing strategy.

Optimize for Google Shopping

Google Shopping now provides a free listing service that is available for all international merchants. In addition, the platform provides online retailers with fantastic exposure, as it can push their products in front of a customer searching for a specific product.

To ensure your product appears in a free listing, you must optimize it with the following five elements for your product:

  • The name
  • An image
  • The price
  • The seller’s name
  • Product promotions and reviews

To increase your company’s reach and visibility online, you can run paid Google Shopping ads. It enables Google to create automatic ads on your company’s behalf and promote them for more relevant searches. As a result, it could help your brand attract a much wider audience and grow its sales.

Simplify Tasks with Instagram Automation

Many companies rely on social media to grow their brand awareness, audience engagement, and sales. Yet, some make the mistake of thinking they need to dedicate many hours per week to publishing posts, engaging with followers, and driving revenue.

Yet, you can simplify the above monotonous tasks with Instagram automation. For example, you can use the gathered data in the software to analyze online activity, which will allow you to schedule posts when your target audience is most active. Plus, it could automate conversations via Instagram messaging, which can support a positive customer experience.

Focus on Visual Marketing

Consumers are more likely to engage with visual content over blocks of text. So, while publishing fresh articles onto your website is important, it shouldn’t dominate your digital marketing strategy.

Vertical videos, images, live stories, and 360-degree videos could improve your brand’s online engagement, which can lead to greater recognition, increased web traffic, and a healthier revenue.

Capture your target audience’s attention by creating and publishing videos and stories they would want to watch on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Don’t forget to incorporate videos into your web content, too, as it could improve brand engagement and lower your bounce rate.

Are you stuck on content ideas? There are lots of angles you can embrace, such as:

  • How-to videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Product reviews
  • Demonstrations
  • Expert interviews
  • Conference or webinar footage
  • Funny videos
  • Promotional adverts

Consider the type of questions your audience might have, the videos they might enjoy watching, or the support you can provide via YouTube or Instagram stories. Don’t forget to review the analytics reports to identify engaging content and avoid repeating past failures.

If you focus on the above three tactics, your brand can engage with more online users, develop a stronger social media following, and generate impressive annual sales.

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